With an emphasis on experience and comprehensive training, Union Gas Well Services worksite safety program provides employees with the knowledge they need to stay safe on the job.

As a leader in worksite efficiency and fleet performance, Union Gas Well Services continually assesses, maintains and upgrades equipment. Our extensive maintenance program allows Union Gas Well Services to do the job safely and more efficiently, all while reducing the environmental footprint.

Union Environmental complies with all of the applicable EPA industry standards, as well as rigorous, self-imposed environmental stewardship that places an emphasis on environmental awareness and responsibility among all employees. Union Environmental has 2 full time PEC certified trainers.

UGWS’ proactive management is dedicated to the safety of our people and environmental compliance, we are leading the Oil and Gas Industry. We currently hold a TRIR of 2.5 which is well below current Industry standards. (TRIR- Total Recordable Incident Rate)

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This is considered an essential course for any employee that is new to the O&G and Petrochem industry that will consistently be working in plant, dockside, onshore or offshore facilities. This is required for any employee of UGWS and UE.

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Safety Training and Courses We Offer

We are a professional training provider for PEC, we teach Safe Land, and Core Training.

We also offer CPR and Medic First Aid Training as well as H2s Training.

Union Gas Well Services has one of the best behavioral based safety programs in the industry today.

Take a look at the topics covered in the PEC Basic Orientation Course.

Take a look at the topics covered in the PEC Core Compliance Course.

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Health, Safety & Environment Management Standards